With the millions upon millions of companies that use social media to market their brand, it can be a challenge to stand out in a crowd. The key is your voice. Not your voice but your brand’s voice. Social media marketing is all about how many people you can reach, convince, influence and engage – and posting with the same voice and content as your competitors will not give you any sort of edge.

So focus on getting that edge, and start a successful social media campaign by finding the appropriate voice for your brand with a few of these tips.

Stick to the Basics

Write in a way that is natural to you – so while aiming to be true to the tone and essence of your brand, avoid the mistake of writing in a style that is completely alien to you. The more naturally you communicate, the more authentic you’ll sound. A balance between your voice and that of the brand is needed, or your posts will suffer from confusion and inconsistency. If you head up the social media marketing for your company or brand, think tone management. You want your brand’s voice to sing, not suffer from lacking integrity.

Be the Life of the Party

No one likes a dud or a wet blanket. The best way to stand out is to be different. You and all of your competitors can offer a discount or promotion, what’s your niche, what’s your angle? Your content and voice should be interesting and in line with your brand. If, say, you represent a fashion brand, consider what competitions, prizes and quizzes would appeal to your ideal audience.

Another strategy to being the centre of attention is posting times. Be aware of the optimal times to post your interesting content. Take note that times differ over networks. The optimal time to post to Facebook (often the mid-afternoon) might not be the optimal times for Twitter (early evening) or Instagram (lunchtimes). Get your post out at the right time, and it could gain the extra push it needs to go viral.

Keep Posts Relevant

The one thing to ask yourself before posting, tweeting and instagramming is “would this interest me?”. Most social media users hate spammy posts. You will get unliked and unfollowed almost instantly and is that really the voice and tone you want for your brand? There is a world of content out there that is dying to be liked and shared, you just have to find it.

If you’re hosting competitions or giveaways, be aware of how often you’re posting about it. Mix it in with interesting and shareable content.

Stay Positive

Are negative comments being thrown your way? You aren’t the only one. It’s all about how you handle it. It could be tempting to fight back or defend your brand and at times it might even be necessary. You can choose to ignore it, depending on the weight of the negative comments, or you can respond. If you choose to respond, think about the message you are sending and how it will reflect on your brand. Could you use this opportunity to your advantage? Potentially thousands of people could see your response and form their own opinion, so say something meaningful.

The world of social media is a large one. There are many rules, tactics and strategies that play into every aspect of it and it’s up to you to decide where you want your company and your brand to stand. You want to stand out! Create a voice that is interesting, consistent, relevant and respectable. Discuss your strategy with your team and decide what voice is best for you.