Commercial air conditioning has improved greatly in recent years, and today’s technology is just as amazing with heat recovery systems that allow for both heating and cooling, energy-efficient air conditioning units, smart systems that let you control your indoor temperature as well as other elements like lighting and security, and more. But if you have decided to invest in an AC system for your commercial or business property, all these choices can end up making you more confused.

 Fortunately, you can get as much information as possible from various guides, making your decision much easier. But speaking of which: here is your ultimate guide to the different kinds of AC systems you can use for your business.

The types of air conditioning systems you can utilise

  1. Single-type air conditioning

Single-type air conditioning, or single-unit systems, is a good solution if you have a small business or commercial space, like a single room or small open plan office or a café or restaurant. As you may already know, the single unit system is not as expensive as other systems, and it is also a breeze to install.

You can opt for a portable unit or system that means you can move it around different rooms. But you also have to consider the unit’s weight to make sure that you (or anyone else, for that matter) can quickly and efficiently move it from one place to another. But it is important to note that portable single unit ACs may not be as effective at controlling the indoor temperature compared to other systems.

  • Split-type air conditioning

This type of AC system can be ideal for the heating and cooling of separate rooms and spaces that are more compact.  According to a Brighton air conditioning expert like Sub Cool FM, split-type systems have one compressor installed outdoors alongside a unit installed indoors responsible for distributing cool or warm air inside the premises. You can have this unit wall-mounted or have it mounted on the floor. It’s apparent that split-type units are more powerful compared to single-unit systems, and they have a quieter operation as well. Also, a split-type system can be friendlier on the budget compared to other AC systems, because you are only purchasing and installing one single unit. It’s also worth remembering that split-type units don’t consume as much energy as other AC systems.

  • Multiple-split type air conditioning

The multiple-split type AC system works much like a single split-type unit, but with several components connected to one compressor outdoors. The system is recommended for the heating or cooling of several rooms, and it is also suitable for places or spaces that may be too small for a ducted system. With this, you can control the temperature for each room or space as well. If you want something more flexible and comes with more choices, the multiple-split type system is ideal. For instance, if the occupants of one room want the room to be cooler or hotter, they can easily adjust it and not affect the temperature in other rooms. They also come with more variety for each indoor unit, from units installed on the ceiling to floor-standing units, wall-mounted units, and more.