There were days in our lives before anyone knew who Tim Cook was. We all happily went along in the knowledge that Steve Jobs was Apple. He was the face of the company, the visionary behind all the latest releases and he was the programming brain capable of making our lives better.

Slowly but surely Tim Cook started to emerge from behind the huge shadow created by the sheer presence of Steve Jobs. We started to find out the degrees of his involvement in the every day products which shape our lives. 
The biggest impact Tim Cook could every have on anyone’s lives, is through his involvement in the iPhone. The very simplistic looking device has revolutionised the way in which we do everything.

Some industries immediately adapted and realised the potential of the power held within a user’s hand. The sporting industry was one of the first to dive head first into the wearable markets relying heavily on being able to use their data on a phone.

It has got to the point where anyone serious about improving their sporting performances, wouldn’t even consider leaving the house with their watch or tracking device. The sheer power of knowing everything about your body’s performance for every single step or peddle stroke is one of the easiest ways to adjust and improve performance.

Watching your current pace, your heart-rate, your wattage and your cadence, all live as you carry on along the road, allows for instant adjustments and prevents any mid-course burnouts.

One of the other industries to realise the power held within a hand, is the gambling industry. They quickly realised that giving any user the ability to access their websites from anywhere in the world, at any time in the day, was key to their success.

Casinos and high street bookies were not the fastest to react, instead it was the startups who could grab the attention with their speed. Old fashioned websites were hastily created by the established gambling houses, but these were not entirely optimised for mobile browsing.

The punters voted with their feet and left the sites quicker than a bounce rate could ever predict. They headed straight onto sites which were mobile friendly. Sites which allowed them full functionality from the palm of their hands.

It wasn’t rocket science and yet it still took the established companies too long to react. William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral were once the dominant names in the gambling industry, yet within just a couple of years, PaddyPower, Bet 365 and BetFair all emerged from no where and took over the vast market share.

Their success lead to more sites offering greater functionality from mobile phones and allowing punters the chance to place bets on a wider variety of outcomes. Who would have ever thought that you could bet on the timing of the first corner or even the colour of boot a certain player was wearing?

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