There may be several great cities for the startup enterprise, but amongst all the different cities in the UK, Manchester may well take the top spot. The city of Manchester has been thriving for decades – even centuries – and aside from having traditional setups like cotton mills, it is slowly becoming a hub for technology enterprises as well. It’s a thriving hub of activity for all sorts of businesses in different industries. Just a few years ago, it had a turnover of as much as £2.9 billion, which was among the top four highest turnovers in the country. It’s hardly any surprise. Therefore, that startup enterprises and businesses don’t find it difficult to thrive and grow in Manchester. But what are the other top reasons why a city like Manchester is perfect for a startup enterprise? Let’s find out.

The basics on Manchester

In recent times, cities in the North such as Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester have dramatically encouraged businesses with new technology. These cities have revitalised the region with the unique ‘Northern Powerhouse’ scheme, mobilising new talent and gearing up for innovation. The hub is perfect for startups, as there is plenty of support from local governments to help businesses grow.

The top reasons for startup success in Manchester

        •    You have access to a range of talent

Manchester has long been referred to as the “second city” in the UK, and for good reason. It has experienced tremendous growth, investment, and development. This has only encouraged premier talent to settle within the city and make it their home and where they can develop their careers. Not only does the area make for great employment – but it also has a lot of education seekers who have relocated there, furthering access to new talent in the future.

Manchester has four prime universities, and a vast majority of the residents are of employable age. What’s more, they come with qualifications of at least NVQ 4. So it isn’t surprising, either, when Manchester has achieved third-ranking as the best city for students in the UK.

       •    You have excellent opportunities for collaboration

The Greater Manchester area comes with a plethora of opportunities for collaboration between different startups, and it offers broad networking. There’s one reason for this: there is a lot of initiative coming from both the private and public sectors, such as local councils and organisations and programmes funded by the government.

The city holds the key to future innovation and R&D, having been touted as one of only six ‘science-based cities’ in the country. Being in the city gives you a perfect chance to collaborate with other innovators and creative individuals. With the proper business space in Manchester, such as a serviced office, it’s not difficult to get ahead.

          •     You can take advantage of easy accessibility

The culture of Manchester is unique, and if you aren’t too keen on paying exorbitant prices (such as the prices in London), Manchester is ideal. It offers lower rental, such as the aforementioned serviced office spaces, and you can scale up with many opportunities for development and progress. In addition, with excellent links for transport, you can get around and visit your clients with ease and further your enterprise’s growth.