I have just changed jobs. The old one was fine, and I enjoyed work, but I have taken a pretty good promotion and moved over to a larger company.

I like the new company. The building is new and all of the equipment is new. It feels like a nice place to work and the breakrooms seem to be used a lot. Nothing beats a good chat over a cup of coffee and I like the sense that this is really encouraged in the new company.

It’s an interesting company with a very specific niche in the market. They literally make one product and make it very, very well. The components which go into it are of the finest quality and the failure rate is zero. All over it is a very high-quality product, which the company feels very happy to have as their sole point of profit.

When I was driving into work and saw that there are a bunch of competitors all around the location it just didn’t make sense. I mean, on the same road as this office is a four of our biggest competitors. They might be a lot more diverse than us and they clearly make a wide range of products, but they are our competition. They make a version of our product, just it’s an inferior one.

So, I asked my boss why they had just recently moved the company to this location. Why would you move to become neighbours with the company’s trying to take your customers? The answer was surprisingly simple. It was all about the Suppliers.

Primarily, the new office was located right off the M25. It was the world’s easiest place to get to for any lorry and any delivery truck. They weren’t trying to get down small country lanes, the office was now located on a dual carriageway.

Then there’s the cheaper delivery charges. We have suppliers who were putting a premium on delivery to the old offices, because of how much further they were having to drive. Instead, now that the office has moved, the suppliers can make multiple drops. Load up one lorry, drop some product off at our competitors and then carry on down the road for a hundred yards and drop off at ours.

It just makes sense. We make our suppliers travel less and make the deliveries easier, so they charge us less. At the end of the day, reducing costs on product delivery, is only going to improve our bottom line and increase out Net Profit. Apparently, the owners had spent ages working with  Pall Mall Estates’  to find not only the perfect new office building with a joining warehouse, but one which was situated in the perfect location.

The office is a buzz with happy workers, who have brand new desks, chairs and computers, but more importantly, the company are making more money even with the cost of the move. Sometimes it’s the little things which make the most impact on our daily lives.