Life is hard work these days, both professionally and in the home. We are all expected to pull our weight – sometimes beyond the call of duty – and get things done, and this can eat into our valuable leisure time. Working too hard is not good for your health, and we all need to take time out once in a while. How do you wind down? Many people go for a walk or have a drink in a bar, others simply settle back and watch a film. However, with the advent of the internet and the availability of powerful hand-held devices such as tablets and smart phones there is much more scope for finding entertainment online.

Now, before we go on, we know that in some circles, gambling is frowned upon. However, we are not advocating you spend your life savings, but that you put a little aside for fun. What are we talking about? Online slot machines, the craze that people are into right now. We’re going to show you that playing online slots can be great fun, and if you follow our simple tips you stand a better chance of winning money.

Top Tips for Winning on Slots

OK, so how do we propose you play slot machines and get the best chance of success? Well, we have to add that there is no guarantee of winning – a slot machine is a game of chance, after all – but we have some sensible tips that can help you have a better chance. Our first tip is this: there are many, many slot machines online to choose from, so we recommend you play with what they call ‘demo money’ first. This gives you the opportunity to play a game with virtual money, and learn how it works, without losing anything. It’s a great way of getting to know the game before you take a chance.

Next, we recommend you take notice of the RTP rating on each machine. This is the Return to Player percentage, and it applies to every slot machine, virtual or otherwise. It’s the percentage the machine will pay out, over a certain period, so the higher the figure, the more chance of making money. Knowing the RTP means you further understand the way the machine works, and choosing the highest rating gives you a better potential return.

Choose Carefully and Enjoy

Of course, we don’t recommend online slots as a money-making scheme, and you should only play if you can afford it and set a limit of what you can gamble. But, we do recommend them as a great source of fun and enjoyment, and as they can be played 24hours a day, and anywhere with an internet connection, they are great for late night entertainment or even a spot of fun during your break at the office.

Check out the many games available – from modern video slots to traditional one-armed bandit versions – and choose one you like, and we guarantee you’ll have a great deal of fun wherever you are.