As a local business, it is important to keep your overheads as low as possible. Rather than wasting excess power generated by Solar PV systems, our revolutionary battery storage systems, hold the power until you need it.

The nature of solar PV systems mean that they are at the peak of power collection when the sun is at its brightest, usually in the midday sun, however you may find that the majority of your businesses power is not used then, when many of your workers are out of the office on lunch breaks.  

Instead the peak of your power usage may be first thing in the morning, when your capabilities to harness the energy from the sun is more limited. With a storage battery installed, any excess power that has been stored can be used at times to suit you, reducing your dependence on the grid and saving you money on your electricity bills.

This new technology is an exciting advancement for us and our clients, batteries are available in various sizes and can be grouped together if necessary to suit your requirements.

In addition to your own power, the SonnenBatteries that we supply and install can be connected up to other owners, with the capability to share or ‘trade’ any unused energy. As we move forward into the future the possibility of this

If you are interested in being a part of this power revolution, call Power Different today. Not already an owner of a solar PV system? No worries. Our professionals can advise you on the best system to suit your needs, and install everything you need, in no time at all.