The internet is a convenient platform for retailers, service providers, and many other businesses to reach their target markets. An online presence indeed has its advantages, but since competition is quite rife online, brands are looking at new ways to draw your attention as a first time customer. In order to stand out among a pool of similar brands, businesses are now offering potential customers some great acquisition incentives.

Let’s have a look at some these below:

Huge Discounts


Call it a great marketing method or otherwise, this strategy has been in existence since the earliest days. You’ve probably at one time or the other walked into a shop and seen a particular brand’s price slashed by 30, 40 or even 90 percent in some cases. This same strategy is also prevalent today at several online shops including household names such as eBay, Amazon and Wish that offer huge discounts especially for first-time customers. They do so by knocking off a certain percentage off the normal selling price. Product discounts have been proven time and again that it works and online retailers have moved to capitalise on it.

Free Spins


The online casino industry is possibly one of the most thriving niches today which also has its own way of enticing more players. Online casinos employ a number of acquisition techniques to draw you in as a new player and welcome bonuses and free spins are the most common. Free spins and welcome bonuses offered by some operators make it possible for players to try out new games without actually forking out cash.

Free Coupons

Several online businesses also have a keen focus on attracting new customers by offering free coupons. Online coupons function in exactly the same way as physical coupons do; in that you can redeem them for a monetary discount. Online brands involved in the food & beverages, beauty & personal care and household goods, among others, issue customers the chance to cash in on free coupons. Great examples of doing so are by rewarding customers for following the company’s social media platforms or signing up at the company’s site. In addition, some also engage in loyalty promotional offers which reward you with free coupons upon shopping for a set number of times.

Free Trial Offers

Another method to attract potential customers that is becoming popular is giving away free trial offers of a service or product. Back in the early 2000s, trial offers were mostly a reserve of businesses in the software industry where they gave customers a week, month or three months of using their software for free after which they are billed. This is still very much in practice and has since spread to other products as well. New customers have the opportunity to test the product/service to determine if they should continue using it or not. This strategy is effective, especially for software providers.