Want some money saving tips for your removal company? Well, we’ve put together a few hints and tips for you to jump on board:  

Join trade organisations

One way you can learn great business and money saving tips is to join relevant trade organisations and your local chambers of commerce. That way you’ll be able to network, build up useful contacts, learn tips regarding best practice and get help marketing your business too. Having accreditations from trade organisations can help your business to stand out from the crowd and seem more attractive to customers, who’ll take reassurance from their standards and codes of practice. In your line of work, the British Association of Removers (BAR) would be a good one to join.


Market your business online

One way to save money is to use online rather than traditional marketing – it’s cheap, accessible and easy to use. Utilising online marketing can help bring your business to a new audience and be chosen by them.

The first step to take is to see where your company details are already appearing online, check directories like yell or yelp for example; and ensure these entries are correct and up-to-date. If a phone number with a typo is listed, for example, your customers won’t be able to reach you. Also, if any key company details are inconsistent from entry to entry, it could weaken your online presence, so correct them and make sure they are all “singing from the same hymn sheet”, so your name, address and phone number are alike wherever you look.

Add additional entries to any online, local or trade directories you have the opportunity to join and ensure that your “Google My Business” has been completed. Where you can edit the entries yourself; keep the contact details the same, but write slightly different content for each entry – as duplicating text can damage your online presence too. Also, add links to your company website too wherever possible.  

Cost effective website improvements

As for your company website, keep it clear, correct and helpful – less is often more when it comes to website design, so don’t worry about adding too many bells and whistle – say what you do and where to find you.

Update the content by adding regular blog entries wherever you can – think of the questions your customers most often ask you, and write a blog entry to answer them. When doing so, mention the locations you serve, every now and again throughout the text in as natural a way as possible.

Also, add any third party endorsement you have to your website, like trade accreditations, awards or positive testimonials from customers – in fact, ask your satisfied customers to leave online reviews. So there you have a few ideas on how to save money on your marketing and to build a stronger online presence cost-effectively.   

Go paperless

Another way you can save money is to create a paperless business as much as is possible. Yes, you’ll probably always have a few customers who prefer a handwritten estimate or receipt, but you can still save on stationery costs, postage and storage space by cutting down on paper whenever possible. So look into creating online systems for your wage slips, storing company documents, paying your bills and invoicing your customers.

Your company insurance

You can’t run a business without having the right insurance in place. You need to negotiate the fine line between having the insurance you need, without paying over the odds for the cover. When running a removal firm, you’ll want employer’s liability insurance (if you have employees), also insurance that covers your vehicles and your customers’ belongings therein – at the very least. In addition, many trade associations have a code of practice that necessitates having public liability insurance, as do some trade websites such as checkatrade, so look into that too.

Finding comprehensive but cost-effective insurance cover is key for your business. You may be tempted to look online for your insurance, assuming it’s the cheapest option. However, if you talk to an experienced insurance broker you’re likely to be offered options not available on price comparisons sites, and they have the expertise to find you insurance tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you’re just setting up business and need first time van insurance or you’re a firm of long standing, wanting to ensure you find the right deal, consulting with an insurance broker could be your best course of action. So, you’ll be paying for the insurance you require and not for extras that you’ll never use – potentially saving you money.