Anyone who is familiar with the concept of data storage redundancy is likely familiar with RAID 5 systems. The main benefit in regards to this platform is that even if a single drive fails, the others will compensate; preventing downtime and possible data loss. These networks commonly employ technologies such as block-level striping and thanks to this approach, information is evenly distributed across multiple drives. To put this another way, one failure will not impact the functional capacity of an entire system. It is nonetheless a fact that problems can and will occur from time to time. What are the major concerns and how can the professionals at Data Recovery Specialists help?
The Challenges Associated with RAID 5 Data Recovery

Due to the very nature of RAID 5 systems, a single disk can simply be swapped out in the event that a fault occurs. However, what if more than one disk stops functioning? This is a very real concern, for the recovery processes can be quite complicated and procedures require an in-depth diagnosis in order to determine the root cause. Most firms do not possess the in-house IT specialisation in order to accomplish this task within a timely fashion. The resulting downtime could very well cost the business valuable resources and negativaly impact ROI. It is also critical to note that data can only be recovered once the discrete fault in one or more disks has been discovered.

Leveraging the Power of RAID 5 Redundancy During Recovery Processes

One of the reasons why RAID 5 is very common arises from the facts that reads and writes tend to be more balanced when compared to other versions. Therefore, an even distribution of data is achievable. This also makes diagnosing a problem particularly arduous. We will leverage such tools as data striping in order to reconstruct information in the event of a system failure. While this process and other approaches are quite technical in nature, the fact of the matter is that your system will be back up and running within a short period of time.

The Statistics Speak for Themselves

It is no surprise to learn that organisations of all sizes are utilising our proprietary RAID 5 disk failure recoveryservices. Not only do we possess well over four decades of experience within this malleable industry, but a success rate of 97 per cent is one of the best in the business. The vast majority of our clients can remain confident that their data will be recovered within a short amount of time. To highlight this observation, we endeavour to evaluate all potential issues within 48 hours of the initial notification. We will thereafter uncover this information within only five days; very important if you happen to be on a tight schedule or the data is sensitive in nature. RAID 5 disk failures do not necessarily have to represent an insurmountable problem. Please contact us directly if you would like to learn more or to schedule a consultation.