Can’t find out how to install your brand new TV? Can’t figure out how to optimize the Facebook advertising campaign for your own company? Do you want to start fitness but are you not sure where to start? All these common problems are easily fixed when you’ve got the expertise. We agree that a single man or woman can’t know everything, and experts are usually expensive, so we have found a solution that works for everyone.

Call a freelancer for advice

While contacting an expert is usually very expensive and, in most cases, not very fast, Call The One makes that contact cheaper and faster and, most importantly, easier. Call The One makes it possible to live call an expert anywhere and anytime. You can find your gig worker on the website, or through the app. There’s no need to spend time explaining your issue, the live video chat makes it so you can simply show them.

Call The One pricing

While you might think live video calling an expert would be expensive, there are loads of gig workers ready to assist you for very reasonable prices. You pay per minute, which means that if you’re not sure about the person assisting you or the expertise they can offer you, there is always the possibility of hanging up the call. In order to further enhance the trustworthiness of the experts, your first call minute is completely free so you can make your own judgement about the person on the other side.

Offering your expertise

It’s also possible to offer your expertise on Call The One, which is great in many ways. For one, it increases your brand awareness in case you have your own company. It also brings in more customers who might be interested in your company or other advice you can bring to the table.

If you have your own website, you can also embed your Call The One profile on your website to improve your availability.