Every day you will be told that online betting has just become one major step better for everyone. The latest and the greatest new addition has just been launched and it will change you betting game forever.

What we used to think and dream of as impossible has become the normal procedure for our every day betting experience. The world of in-play betting has been a huge addition to our gambling repertoire and has added a whole new dimension to how and when we place our bets.

The only problem with all the additional betting markets and ways to bet is not knowing about the new additions. Who has the time to search through all the gambling websites and finding the latest addition? We might be lucky and manage to stumble across a TV advert or something mentioned in a magazine. But these are not surefire ways in which to ensure we are up to date.

For any serious gambler or anyone who wants to ensure that they place their bets at the best odds and at the best time, there is luckily one simple solution. Gambling websites will have a whole section just for their newest launches, they will try and get you to visit to see all William Hill Apps available to your device (click image below).

It is a simple concept from the sites, that if they can entice you in with their latest promotions and apps, that you will stick with them for longer. It is also very simple to see that your chances of winning are also increased if you have the best software and the latest ways of placing your bet.

It really is a win-win situation for everyone. The betting websites win by having you as their customer and you win by making sure that not only do you have the best odds and the best ways of betting, but you also have a wide variety of events to place your bets on.

By putting all the apps, updates and even the online games all into one easy to find location, you do not have to search through the whole of the Internet and hope that you will find the best ones for you.

visit to see all William Hill Apps available to your deviceInstead, you just need to make sure that you head over to the William Hill website once a month and have a look at what new features have been added. Not all of them will float your boat and some of them will be of absolutely no use to you at all. But it is when you find that one app or that one new betting feature which fits you gambling game exactly that you will know all the clicking was worth it.