Happy employees make productive employees. You must have heard this often. Some of you might even have experienced it firsthand. Keeping employees content and motivated is the best thing you can do to ensure their loyalty. It is the most loyal employees that make up the most efficient chunk of your company’s collective productivity.

However, these employees are rare. There are two major reasons for that:

  • They don’t really need this job.
  • Or you don’t adequately recognise and appreciate their efforts.

While the first point is entirely a matter of the employee’s personal choice, the second one is where you are wrong. If you are not recognising and appreciating your employees where due, you might end up losing even the ones who have actually been loyal to you all this time.

The problem with most organisations is that they don’t spend much time and money on employee engagement. Employee engagement in simple terms is described as an approach that creates a workplace environment that allows each employee to bring their A-game to the table.

Highly engaged employees have been found to be more loyal to the company. These employees are motivated and remain committed to the collective goals of the organisation. But gaining employee loyalty is a long process. It’s involves a series of organisational initiatives and changes to reach that position – something that http://www.power2motivate.co.uk/ can help you with.

There is however, one way that you can consider when it comes to keeping employee morals high across the company. This is perhaps the easiest way to go about it – recognise and reward the loyal ones. A comprehensive recognition program will make the already loyal ones feel valued and motivated to continue being so. For everyone else, these programs work as encouragement for improved engagement and productivity.

But how do you recognise the loyal employees? Do they have defining traits that set them apart from others?

Yes, they do. Look for the following qualities in your employees:

They don’t just nod. You can expect detailed suggestions, feedbacks, and even disagreements from the loyal ones. Don’t take them wrong, they just want what’s best for the organisation.

They possess high integrity. They may not always be obedient, but they will always seek to do the right thing. They are proactive in their approach and honest with their work.

They stand by the organisation. When outside the walls of office space, these employees will support the organisation. Even if they have personal reservations on a few things, they will continue to support the organisation’s stance.

They generate healthy discussions. These are employees who want to see the organisation progress as a whole. They will participate in the growth plan and provide their input for it. They will even take up discussions to provide alternative perspectives to certain things within the organisation.

Now that you know how you can boost employee loyalty and company morale in your organisation, it is time to devise a strategy for a comprehensive employee engagement program that helps you achieve this goal. If you don’t know where to start on that, don’t overlook the option of getting professional help.