Did you know that the government collects and stores your personal details every time you buy or tax a car? This personal information in stored on numerous databases and can prove extremely useful to those searching for a second-hand vehicle.

So, just what data does the government store and how can it help?

The Personal Information Charter – What is it?

According to the government website, the Personal Information Charter holds records of 44 million drivers and around 36 million licensed vehicles. The data collected is a mixture of both personal and non-personal information.

While this may seem worrying, there are strict security measures in place and DVLA best practices and policies are always adhered to. You can also find out what data the government has on you and your vehicle via a subject access request. If data is found, you’ll be told exactly what it is and why it is stored, who has access to it and if you want you can request a copy for your own records.

How can these records help?

So, how can the driver and vehicle data collected by the government be beneficial? Well, there are a lot of reasons why this data can be useful, but largely it can help buyers determine whether a second-hand vehicle they are interested in is legal.

An HPI check can be carried out by companies such as HPI Check, enabling buyers to find out everything they need to know about the vehicles history. This can alert you to any potential fraud or motoring scams. You’ll also see whether the vehicle has any outstanding finance or whether it’s been written off.

Buying a second-hand car can be risky, so checks such as this can really help to give you great peace of mind. Absolutely anybody can request an HPI check and the small fee you pay is nothing compared to how much you could end up spending if a problem does arise.

Overall, the government constantly collects data on both drivers and their vehicles. The information kept about you is also available on request so you can see exactly what type of data they have on you. The next time you’re looking into buying a second-hand vehicle, don’t forget to take advantage of this data by requesting an HPI check.