Because it’s no good if your money lies around somewhere, especially when you could make some profit by share trading online.

Technology has enhanced most parts of our lives. We can now shop, book holidays, order foods delivery, and so on – all from the comfort of our homes. But it’s not just the spending spree that you can embark on online, you can also earn and make a substantial income via the internet.

Among the many different ways that you can make money online, share trading is perhaps the least stressful. It might be riskier – especially if you have no idea what you are doing, but it also happens to be the most profitable.

To facilitate a thoughtful consideration about whether or not share trading online is right for you, today, we discuss some of the basic facts about it below.

Online share trading is very convenient

Before the internet became a widespread phenomenon, the only way one could trade or invest in shares was to do it in person. Yes, you could sign up with a broker and employ a financial adviser on your behalf; you still need to go through a lengthy process to communicate with them and conduct your actions in the share markets.

Not anymore! As more and more brokers are offering an easy-to-access online platform, you can now invest on a great variety of stocks, ETFs, currencies, indices, and many other securities and assets right from the comfort of your home. All you would need is a functional internet connection, a compatible device, and an account with a reliable broker.

You also don’t need to confine yourself to anyone stock exchanges. Rather, you can trade on shares from all over the world creating a diversified portfolio to safeguard your investments.

Online share trading is relatively cheaper

Unlike traditional financial brokers, online share trading platforms don’t have huge maintenance costs. Obviously, running an online platform costs money, but artificial intelligence often costs significantly less than a large group of human resources.

This eventually translates into cheaper fees and costs for the online traders investing in stocks or any other securities. Most of the reliable online platforms cost no money to sign up. There are also some online brokers that offer leverage-free stock trading for free. Even if you decide to go big on leveraged trading, it would cost way less than any traditional broker.

Online stock trading isn’t free of risks

Just because share trading online is more accessible, there is no reason to consider it risks-free. In fact, almost about 70% of retail traders lose money by trading online. However, such statistics aren’t down to the faults of online brokers. Instead, it’s down to each individual stock traders and their lack of know-how about trading. Therefore, to safeguard your investment, you must learn how to navigate the volatile financial markets profitability. There are plenty of resources online, including some brokers offering in-depth education on investing.