The modern bathroom is distinguished from the contemporary and not so modern bathroom based on its appearance; the shapes and design of counters, as well as the clear counter spaces combined with the tiling, are, together, the hallmark of the modern bathroom.

Modern bathrooms like most things following emerging trends now have themes. Interior design themes can now extend to the bathrooms. Even though this is a contemporary bathroom design trait, modern bathrooms simply make use of some of the already established contemporary design ideas. But, when all is said and done, the modern bathroom design is unique from the contemporary designs.

Many claim that the history of the modern bathroom design dates as far back as the 1920s, when a group of European (German) architects and designers graduated from the Bauhaus School of Design. These students prioritized design over function and used an impressive catalogue of materials at their disposal to make this a reality. This ideology and revolution became really popular. So much so that it is believed to have peaked as early as the 1960s.

But presently, it seems to have found resurgence due to revolutions and modernizations of the technology in bathrooms. To be perfectly honest, modern bathroom designs aren’t as modern as they seem. One can almost attribute their current innovations to new technologies of the bathroom. This almost certainly guarantees that in the future, when there are new innovations to the bathroom technologies, it is almost certain that the modern bathroom then would accommodate these innovations in the best possible way.

The modern bathroom is popular because of its simplistic escape from the traditional bathroom clutter. The modern bathroom has very convenient storage solutions in a well-organized space. These together with the neutral tones of simple colour palates and elegant lines are what the modern bathroom designers aim to achieve.

Perhaps the reason why Germany plays an important role in the modern bathroom design is that the group of students from the 1920’s consisted mostly of Germans. The Germans are famous for their quite unique counter-top shapes and colours, which can be offered with some of the amazing counter-tops from Caesar stone, making it a great choice for modern bathroom designs. Either geometric shapes are laid out in a row or stacked on top of one another or maybe even randomly spread out, they can also be used as accent pieces to the modern bathroom design as well as combination parts of the overall theme.