Whether you’ve been in your job a few months or years, sometimes you can become bored of your role and long for something completely different. Perhaps you feel like your skills aren’t being utilised and you have more to offer, or maybe you don’t get along with your colleagues? 

If you’re thinking about a career change but you’re not sure which path to take, Simply Academy have created an infographic that explores the career changes made by 20 celebrities and the roles they had before making the big change. 

Here are some things you should consider when deciding on what new career path you should explore. 

Evaluate your skills

If you’re not sure which career you should switch to, you should evaluate your skills and personality using an online test to see which industry you would suit working in. You simply answer a series of questions and it will generate a list of occupations that are considered appropriate for you. Alternatively, there are career counsellors you can turn to who will assess you and get you on the right career path.

Narrow down your list

Once you have a list of occupations you’d like to explore, you need to start narrowing them down. Highlight any that you may have considered before or ones that you find appealing. When you have a couple of occupations that you find interesting, you’ll need to start looking at the job descriptions that are required for each job and any advancement opportunities. This information can be found easily on job listings or from job websites. Try to speak to people who work in this field so you can get a full understanding of the requirements.  Consider things such as salary or if a degree is required as this could influence your decision. 

Create an action plan

When it comes to creating your plan of action, you’ll need to set yourself some goals to work towards. Try to divide your goals into short-term and long-term, for example, anything that will take you under a year to complete would be in the short-term list, and anything between 1-5 years would be in the long-term goals. These all need to be achievable so you can measure your progress. 

Once you’ve set the goals, you’ll need to find a way to reach them. Your career action plan will act as your guide and keep you on target. List your goals in order, and any barriers you may encounter along the way. Remember that a career change may involve you having to undergo some training in order to learn new skills and this could mean you taking an online course or even earning a degree. 

The next step in your career change is leaving your current job which should be quite relieving as it means you’ve made a successful career change.