One of the easiest ways to make money is by playing bingo. If you got ears and a dauber, or a computer, you can win big! Whether you play your bingo games online or off, bingo requires very little money to participate. Playing bingo can pay off big time if you hit that lucky jackpot.


Here are some tips on how to win some real money by playing bingo.

  • Look for bingo sites that offer bonuses for players just for signing up. Some sites offer free play, but most will require that you put in at least a little bit of money beforehand. Really, all you have to do is invest a little of your own money to play and these sites will pay you additional money just to keep playing. Player bonuses mean that these games are giving you free money just to play! While there are some restrictions set out by each individual site, essentially player bonuses can help you increase your chances of winning even more money!  
  • The more you play, the greater your chances to win. Most online bingo sites will offer you additional points and credits that reward you for continued play.
  • Be sure to play more than just one card. Bingo players find that when they have more cards, the better their chances are at winning because they have more numbers in play. Many people who play bingo advise that playing 6 cards at once is the ideal. Of course, you can play as few or as many cards as you like. Just make sure that you play within the rules and what is manageable for you.
  • Look for sites that offer tournaments to play in for bigger cash prizes. These may be held on specific days of the week at certain times to entice players to visit the site such as on off-peak times and days of the week.  Some prizes can be several thousand dollars, so it is definitely worth your time to try your hand at tournament play. These higher cash prizes will encourage more players to participate and increase the fun and excitement of winning. Be sure to check which days and times for special promotions so that you can increase your chances.
  • Your chances of bigger cash prizes may mean trying your luck with games that have higher a higher buy in requirement. Some games may require that you spend $1 per card to sit in. The risk is higher, but the payoff is generally much higher.
  • Part of the fun of playing bingo is to know what your limits are.  That means it’s a good idea to only play with a specific amount of money and within a specific time. Always have in mind what you can afford to lose and never go beyond that amount to avoid getting into trouble. Banking your winnings and taking a break can be a very good idea. Take some time away and come back to it later.
  • One of the most important things to remember when you are trying to earn real money playing bingo is to keep a positive outlook! Keeping a positive mental attitude doesn’t cost anything at all and makes you much more fun for other players to be around.  Visualize yourself winning and sooner or later it will happen.  Always remember to be a gracious winner or loser if things don’t go your way.

    Keep these tips in mind and it’s almost inevitable you will find yourself winning and making real money playing bingo games! Plus, it’s way more fun compared to work.