Most of us will admit that we need at least one caffeine fix to kick-start our working day and as more research points to the benefits of coffee in the workplace, the best employers are seeking to create comfortable working environments and reward staff with hot beverages as a perk of the job.

Hearing the words ‘office coffee machine’ will more than likely conjure up images of cheap, low-quality, appliance-brewed cups delivered via a vending machine. But, recently there has been a wave of contemporary automatic coffee machines that have been putting the flavour back into our favourite morning pick-me-up.

The majority of conventional bean-to-cup coffee machines are manufactured to provide convenience rather than quality. We traditionally think of waiting rooms and canteens when we picture bean-to-cups; places where people are likely to want an easy, quick boost, without really caring too much about the flavour.

However, ask any industry insider and they will tell you that a bean-to-cup revolution is happening, thanks to the arrival of some exceptionally sophisticated technology that would surprise even the biggest coffee-connoisseur.

The new WMF bean to cup coffee machines have the ability to create barista-style coffees at the touch of a couple of buttons, with changes to milk treatments and temperatures being able to create bespoke coffees of choice.

As the name implies, the appliances are filled up with whole roasted coffee beans, which are then grinded, brewed and steamed to create anything you might typically find on a modern coffee shop menu. These state-of-the-art machines now enable you to enjoy excellent speciality coffee in the workplace, without having to fork out £3 for a Starbucks.

Gone are the days where you would get a measly, watered down, instant ‘latte’ from the free vending machine at work – now, employers are beginning to take notice as to what kind of work perks attract and retain the best talent – and providing free high-quality food and drink is certainly one of them!