Money, money, money

Whether you’re in the black each month or need to find some extra cash to support your outgoings, there’s every reason to have all the money you’re entitled to.

Many don’t realise there’s funds available they can claim and it’s about more than just the most popular low income benefits.

Here are some ways you could be missing out on cash which is rightfully yours so check them out today.

Tax rebate for work uniforms

If you wear a uniform for work you can claim a small tax rebate every year. You can also make a backdated claim going back four years. The figure varies but is usually from £12-£60. It doesn’t matter if you have a very recognisable uniform such as being a nurse or if you have to wear only a logo branded polo shirt, if it’s company policy to wear specific items and it’s your responsibility to buy, maintain or wash it, there’s a rebate waiting for you.

Bank charges if you’re in hardship

Whilst the rules on reclaiming bank charges changed a number of years ago, it is still possible to reclaim them in specific circumstances. The main one is that you’re suffering hardship because of the money being debited. It’s possible to make a backdated claim of up to six years and this can net hundreds or thousands of pounds in charge refunds.

Moving mortgages

If you’ve changed your mortgage provider within the last ten years, you could be in line for a refund of charges. Many companies have been revealed as forcing customers to pay an exit fee and this has been deemed unlawful. Check to see if this applies to you; different names for the same charge are ‘deed release fees’, ‘final administration fees’ or ‘final redemption fees’. It’s a question which can be answered with a telephone call and the refund can be requested in the same way.

Grants going for free

There are many home and business grants available which are never claimed. Many are aimed at low income families but the money or service is still not availed of because of lack of awareness.

The main grants centre around saving on energy costs. This can be in the form of a new boiler, central heating or roof and cavity wall insulation. You don’t need to use your current energy supplier either – for many offers you can contact any company within a particular scheme.

If you were born on or before 5 January 1953 you can claim the Winter Fuel Allowance. Many automatically receive it already through their pension but if you only receive housing or council tax benefit at the moment you’ll need to put in a claim. There’s also the Cold Weather Payment for when your postcode dips below 0°C for more than 7 days in a row. It’s paid automatically to those on many government benefits but always check the situation if you don’t receive it and believe you’re eligible.

With billions unclaimed in government benefits alone, there are now many ways to gain access to extra income. Don’t be shy or embarrassed about making enquiries or a claim; if you’re entitled then request what is rightfully yours.