There are some bills which are necessary in life but are in addition to the ones we all need to pay such as the mortgage, rent, council tax and utilities.

Whilst they may be a necessity rather than a luxury; train tickets to get to work for example or paying for prescriptions on a regular basis, there are a number of ways of reducing the cost. One of them is actually boosting your bank account, try jackpotjill casino, it will make it easier .

Here then are the top 4 ways to reduce bills and help your bank account to stay in the black.

Prescription costs

If you have a number of medications you need on a regular basis, the cost at the pharmacy can quickly mount up. Having to pay for each individual item really racks up but there’s a way to reduce the cost or even have them for free if you meet the following criteria:

  • Under 16 or over 60
  • In fulltime education and aged 16-18
  • Pregnant or had a baby in the last 12 months
  • NHS inpatient
  • Hold a war pension exemption certificate
  • Hold a medical exemption certificate
  • Receive one or more of a range of government benefits; Income Support, JSA, ESA, Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

If you don’t qualify for free prescriptions, an annual prescription certificate can really make a difference and is easy to apply for. The cost is currently £104 for the year so if the maths stack up, just apply and you’ll receive a card through the post to present at the pharmacy.

Train tickets

If travelling to work means taking the train, the costs can quickly mount. Save money through buying weekly or season tickets, book early for the cheapest deals, use an online ticket splitting tool to buy a number of tickets for a single journey or look at railcard options.

Cutting the cost of petrol and diesel

Commuting to work can be a heavy cost when you’re finding yourself pulling into a fuel station on a more than regular basis. Save a few pence per litre by knowing where your cheapest stations are through using online sites and monitoring the situation regularly. It may only seem a small amount each time but this can really add up over a year.

It’s also possible to save money on fuel by taking advantage of supermarket offers and also making your car more fuel efficient. Ensure tyres are inflated, that rubbish isn’t cluttering up the interior and removing the roof rack to reduce weight and don’t use the air conditioning at low speeds. It all adds tiny amounts to the savings in fuel required.

Reduce mobile phone bills

If you’re coming to the end of your contract, be savvy and call your provider. There are always deals to stop customers changing companies so ask them to reduce your tariff in return for loyalty. If they refuse, say you are going to leave and you’ll be put through to the team which specialises in customer retention. They will usually offer a much better tariff than the initial customer services agent and will probably throw in a newer model of phone as a sweetener.

We all have necessary bills which are part of our lives. It’s about knowing what you can claim, being conscious of other options and not being afraid to haggle. If you are interested in how you can stop saving and strart earning money easily, then visit blackjack en ligne. But well, saving money can be done in all areas of life so don’t think that you have to keep paying out for certain ‘necessities’, check out what can work for you and start saving today.