There are days when I get home and I struggle to switch off. I might have commuted for over an hour, but I still feel like I’ve just stepped out of the office. I have no idea how I do it. I’ve literally not thought about anything since I logged out of the laptop and left the office. Yet somehow, my brain is still computing and processing life’s decisions as I would my business life.

I’ve tried a few things to force my brain to chill and relax, and all with varying effects.

Sitting on a packed commuter train has many downsides and we all know these like the back of our hand, yet there are some huge positives. The primary one for me, is that I’m not having to focus on driving and I’m not having to do anything apart from exist.

This means that I can maximise this time, sometimes it’s getting work finished before the morning meetings. Sometimes it’s getting on a with a project knowing that I’m up against the time limits.

Then there are the times when I just sit on my phone and search for the best UK online casino. It’s these times when I just want to abandon all the rational and controlled actions of my day job and I can live a little. I know that there are risks when I gamble. I know that I could lose some money, but in all seriousness, that £10 I put in and lasts me the hour home, is worth every penny if it allows me to chill after a long and arduous day in the office.

If all that it takes for me to unwind and become a family man again before I walk through the doors of our family house, is to have a look around and play Aussie pokies online for half an hour, then I’m more than happy to pay a tenner to do so.

One of my work colleges suggested a mindfulness app. Having found the most popular one and giving it a go, two things really struck me. The first being, that my noise cancelling headphones really were awesome, they completely cut out the sound of the train and everyone on it. The second being how little my college really knew me. I couldn’t last more than two minutes of the whole experience. It’s just not something for me.

The last things I tried was Sudoku. OK, I know this whole craze came about ten years ago. I know that putting nine numbers into a box, shouldn’t really give me much of a challenge and I know that I’m just following the masses and jumping on another band wagon. Yet, the simplistic nature of the whole puzzle really clicked with my brain. It let me slowly unwind from work and still keep my brain ticking over.
I’m not sure that I have the answer yet on how to unwind after work, but I do know that it’s pretty essential for my home life to be given the chance to thrive and not to become an extension of my office.