It goes without saying that cars are fast moving vehicles and so the technology that they are fitted with has to keep up with the pace of the fast moving and advancing world in which they are expected to live in. Just 10 years ago, parking sensors were only fitted to the most expensive cars, these days they are just another aspect of the car in which we are accustomed to seeing. With the increase in the demands of customers, cars have to keep up and so here we have 5 of the most technologically advanced cars available.

The Beast

Obama’s The Beast is kitted out with more advanced technology than most homes are able to offer. It has internal and external microphones, a fully sealed outer and a lock down system similar to that of a panic room. Containing its own blood bank, an oxygen system for in the event of a chemical attack and a bullet proof exterior The Beast is one of the most advanced limousines that is available.

Bentley Mulsanne Executive

The Mulsanne is Bentley’s highest tech car available. Offering an array of bespoke entertainment and comfort features this car has been designed for the executive traveller who needs everything in one place. Each rear seat offers individual Apple iPad workstations, full internet access which has been integrated into retractable tables, LED screens which drop down from the roof and Apple Bluetooth keyboards, making it the go-to car for executive travel.

Ford F750 Party Bus

For a more fun option or prom party bus NJ, the Ford F750 party bus may just be the answer. Based in NJ, this huge bus can accommodate up to 50 passengers and has been kitted out with a state of the art sound system, laser lighting, fiber optic lighting, TV’s and fully stocked bar, making it ideal for weddings, corporate entertainment or for prom party bus NJ.

Audi Q7 3.0 Quattro

Although not in the same league as the Bentley or The Beast, the Audi Q7 has some really useful features which will appeal to the everyday user. Not only is it easy to drive and reasonably economical on fuel, this luxury SUV has parking sensors, a 10 speaker sound system, three-zone automatic climate control, satellite radio and an abundance of other easy to use features which make it an excellent all-rounder car for the everyday user.

Mclaren 650s

Mclaren are well known for producing beautiful cars and ones which are filled to the brim with tech but the 650s model surpasses all others for its sheer beauty, design and features. Fitted with a center control panel (ADP) this Mclaren car can quickly turn into a track day superstar and back to a refined cruiser at the touch of a button. There is literally a button to control everything in this car, which have all been grouped together for ease, creating a very easy to use and tech filled little car with a huge price tag in contrast.