Optimise Resource Management to Save on Time, Money and Stress

Efficient and effective management of resources can play an important role in enhancing working practices and making everyone’s job easier.

The 2018 workplace is vastly different from anything previous generations would recognise. The changes brought about by technology go beyond the specific tools of communication and analytics. They have also led to a global marketplace with far greater levels of competition and a 24/7 working environment with all the stresses that this entails.

Technology can, therefore, be described as both a blessing and a curse. After all, for most of the problems it creates, it can also deliver solutions, and resource management software is a perfect example of this principle in action. Appropriate tools to manage resources more effectively serve to improve process flow and communication, leading to cost and time savings as well as project management staff who are far less stressed out.

Planning to succeed

Resource management tools serve to streamline and optimise internal procedures and provide management and key stakeholders with greater clarity. A modern resource management tool does more than give a helicopter view of a specific project, important though that might be. It also allows for advanced planning of other projects months or even years in advance, resulting in better projections and more effective procurement and allocation of resources.

Keeping everyone in the picture

Clarity and transparency need to be the watchwords in modern business, and these are exactly the qualities that effective resource management can bring. A key factor here is that multiple people, from managers to staff to auditors to subcontractors can view what resources are being allocated where across multiple projects and as long a time period as they need to see. This results in quicker and more incisive decision making and a lower likelihood of blunders when resources from divergent sources fail to come together when and where they need to.

Simple and intuitive functionality of the type we are all familiar with, such as drag and drop, mean there is operations no learning curve worth mentioning, reducing frustration and wasted time.

What does the future hold?

It is one thing to look at how far a technology has come over the past 20 years. But the really compelling thought is where it might go in the 20 years to come. Clearly, greater efficiency is a core goal for every business, and both the company and its individual employees have their roles to play in this regard.

However, there is more to effective resource management than making the trains run on time and enhancing the bottom line. Employee wellbeing is getting ever higher on the priority list of major employers, and this is certainly a pattern that will continue, and will filter down to SMEs over the coming years.

After all, keeping employees happy and motivated is not just ethically right, it is also proven to be good for business. Consequently, is seems inevitable that this indirect benefit of effective resource management will play an even greater role in the future. And anything that helps improve efficiency, reduce stress and put smiles on faces can only be good news for everyone.