If you want to take more control of your career, it is time to seek a different approach. After working in an office setting for some time and you are feeling bored or overwhelmed, a freelance career could be a great option for you. 

Typically, a freelancer is someone who is not committed to a particular employer. You will be self-employed, and you will have a lot of variations in your work. In such a career, you will have an opportunity to tackle many different projects that will incredibly expand your knowledge. More so, you will look forward to work every day because the job is versatile and exposes you to new things every day.

When looking for freelance jobs, you should check your skills like a logo designer to make sure you find jobs related to your skills. If you are a logo designer, make sure you sharpen your skills before you start looking for jobs. More so, you must define your niche so that you can narrow down your job search.

So, where do you look?

Now that you have decided to delve into freelancing, you must have an idea of where to find the jobs. Once you have an idea of how and where to look, you can easily find long-lasting projects. The following are ways that can help you to look for a job.

1.      Networking

Networking has proved to be very handy when looking for a freelance job. You can mine your network from professional contacts and your past jobs. Your network can be your foundation, and it can help you build your base as you move upwards slowly. 

Do not limit yourself when it comes to looking for networks. Anybody in your contact list can link you to someone who can give you a job. Your friends and family members also can be handy as they may know people that can help.

2.      Join industry groups

If you have already defined your niche, look for industry groups to meet like-minded people. Ensure you select the best groups and attend all events and conferences. Here, you can meet many professionals with whom you can create a rapport and start building a good relationship. The more you attend workshops and conferences, the more you get to know people who may be future clients.

3.      Social media

You can use many social platforms to look for jobs, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Many companies use social media to look for employees nowadays. If you do your search well, you may find several companies that may give you freelance jobs.

When looking for jobs on social platforms, use keywords related to your niche. You can also post feeds describing the job you are looking for to make it easy for professionals to spot you. 

4.      Use job sites

Another way to find freelance jobs is by using job sites such as Upwork, Freelancer.com, Fiverr, Mechanical Turk, and Flexjobs, among others. All these sites have their pros and cons, so it is essential to check them out individually. Some sites screen all job postings and verify the clients before they post the job.

Flexjobs is one of the top sites to look for a job because it guarantees you a safe search. All the jobs are verified, meaning you will be safe from scams.

5.      Cold pitching

If you have a company in mind, and you are not sure whether it is hiring at the moment, just send them an email. Cold pitching is basically messaging or emailing potential clients and offer your services.

You must, however, be selective by choosing companies that are related to your skills. More so, you should be personal in order to attract the potential client’s attention. 

You can also look for companies on the internet by using keywords related to your niche. Of course, you will find many companies, but you have to be choosy and select only the ones you feel will be helpful to you.

6.      Create your own site

While looking for freelancer jobs, you can create your own website to showcase your skills. The web page does not have to be fancy or have many videos. It should be a place to show what you can offer your clients. 

With a website of your own, it can be easy to market yourself and attract potential clients. Your site should have an about page, a project page, a testimonials page, and a contacts page. Ensure everything is straightforward and clear so that your clients can understand who you are and what you offer. With so many people joining the freelance world, many things are changing, and scammers are also increasing. For this reason, you should be careful of who you contact and work with to avoid losing critical information. Also, ensure you define what you want to find the best freelancer jobs.