Within any business, financial planning is an important tool which means it’s helpful to be clued up on. Whether you own your own business, are self employed or are a freelancer creating a plan can help you plan for the future years, help your business growth and also prepare for issues in the future.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear that financial planning is so important to prepare for difficult times and issues which are out of your businesses control. Brookson One has created a beginners guide, which shares top tips and advice to help get you started.

financial planning

What is financial planning?

The purpose of creating a good financial plan is that it allows you to take into consideration all factors, internal (within the business, under your control) and external (outside the business such as the economy). It allows you to put in place how to best use your financial resources and plan for how to achieve long-term goals. Safeguarding your business against difficulties and external factors will allow you to keep growing and adapting even when these events may occur.

Why is it important?

Managing your cash flow is a key part of running a business, you need to think about future spends and costs otherwise you may find yourself in financial difficulties. As revenue will change weekly or monthly, it’s crucial to take this into consideration when mapping out your finances. Making sure you think about the long-term costs that your business will face, this will help you create a solid plan, meaning you’ll always be able to pay staff and deal with unexpected bills.

Need help with financial planning?

Although the idea behind financial planning may seem straight forward, finding the time to create a plan while starting up a new business can be difficult. Experts and specialists are there to help you and take some of the pressure off, simple guides like the one from Brookson One will walk you through each step and offer you the best advice and services.

Allowing a trustworthy accountant and adviser to take control of your financial plan, means you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business, with peace of mind that your finances are taken care of. 

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