MOV is a video format invented by Apple for Quick Time. It is newer compared to AVI and support the MP4 codecs. MOV videos can be edited to add subtitles but this is not possible with AVI videos. If your business requires you to frequently convert AVI videos into MOV video, you will have to buy a video converter software to get this done. Movavi Video Converter can fulfill your need in converting the AVI video into MOV or any other formats. It supports a large selection of video formats and codecs.

Movavi Video Converter can also be used to convert your audio file into other audio formats.

Converting your AVI to MOV format is so easy that even a small child knows how to do it. The first thing you must do is to launch Movavi Video Converter and add the AVI video that you want to convert. You can get the video added by clicking on the Add Video button or dragging it into the software. Clicking on Add DVD allows you to import video files from the DVD ROM into the software. When the video is successfully added, you will be able to see the video thumbnail.

You are to check the checkbox next to the video to select it and then go to the preset drop down menu to choose MOV. You will be able to see the codec, audio coding standard and resolution of the MOV format. There are several options for the MOV format, each with a different resolution. Saving the video at a higher resolution means the video will be clearer when you watch it in a larger screen.

If you save the video at a lower resolution, it will look blur when you try to view it in bigger screen such as full screen.  You should choose a resolution based on the size of your computer screen. For example, if your laptop is 17” with 1920x 1080 resolution, you should save the video in this format to get the best view when you watch it in full screen.

You must remember to set the destination path where the converted AVI video file will be saved before pressing on the Convert button. In this way, you know where to look for the video file once it is being converted. If you click on the settings button next to the Convert to box, the settings dialog box will appear and you will be able to tweak the settings for the video format you want to convert to. Some of the settings you can tweak are codec, frame rate, resolution, resize quality, resize method, frame rate, and bit rate.

Movavi Video Converter doesn’t take long to convert your video even if the video you want to convert is lengthy. Within a few minutes, the video will have been converted successfully from AVI to MOV. Movavi provides a large collection of how-to tutorials that covers all aspects of the video converter software so that beginners will have no problem in using it.