If you host a website, run a business or even a blog, you will know the importance of your website’s visitor numbers. Unique visitors and page views are the driving factors behind product decisions, advertising revenue or just getting your message out.

At the very basic level, they are your sole driving number. They tell you how successful your site is and how many people are seeing it. This is too simplistic a view for nearly every site, but it is a great starting point.

The intelligence website analytics deliver is far beyond a simple visitor count and easily highlight more than just which pages the visitors went to. We have the ability to be able to track and monitor every aspect of a visitor and their behaviour on the site.

With all of the data and analysis around the website, it highlights how vital it is to drive the right traffic to the website. There’s no point in having millions of website visitors if they simply look at the homepage and then leave. You need to be driving the right traffic to make the most of all of your site’s content.

SEO has come a long way since it was just planting metadata behind a picture and a few search terms in the header. It is all about providing content rich content, with a vast amount of credence.

Daily blog updates were the defacto solution for many years. They provided fresh content to keep the website relevant and constantly being referenced by the ranking bots. They gave a plethora of key words and search terms which would direct the right traffic to the site. Most importantly, and probably the real driving factor in the decision to use blogs, was that they were really quick, easy and cheap to produce. For a couple of dollars a day, a website could provide great content which drove in the clicks.

The clicks which come through such a simple content addition are easy to analyse. Using professional services like Click Consult could turn a dormant website into a market leader within days.

The real secret to generating the right clicks are not actually a secret at all. They rely on a very simple strategy. Provide content created purely on your target area and provide great content. Make blogs, videos, social media posts or any content which has some interest, it has a point, a message and a way of engaging with the audience.

Click-bait is the complete opposite to anything a website needs. It generates the wrong kind of visitor to your website. It creates the single click visitor, the ones who click in and then immediately click out.

SEO is all about making your website attractive to users. It is about having the correct content in the correct place and with all of the correct tags in place. It’s not rocket science, but is does require the right person to create a great campaign.