Update Your Fire Safety Today To Ensure Workplace and Employee Safety!

A fire can present profound consequences to a business, through severe damage to the building structure or even the loss of life of an employee or visitor.

Fire presents significant risk to businesses, and in some cases, can kill or seriously injure employees or visitors, as well as cause severe damage to buildings, equipment and stock. Fires are often caused by carelessness, lack of knowledge and faulty equipment/appliances, and more often than not, could be prevented.

It’s this reason that businesses should put systems and measures in place to prevent or reduce the risk of fire, as well as procedures and fire safety equipment in the event of a real fire.

Fire Safety Regulation

The fire safety regulation applies in England and covers general fire prevention measures. The order highlights the major precautions that premises must abide by. A person in the company needs to be responsible for complying with a fire safety order, and must take a fire risk assessment which primarily focuses on the safety of the people and the property in case of a fire.

A fire safety order affects business premises owners, employers, charities/voluntary organisations, contractors (with a degree of control over the premises) and self-employed individuals with business premises.

Using the Correct Fire Safety Signs

It’s important to use the correct fire equipment signs in the workplace in order to comply with fire legislations. Everyone must be aware of the location of the fire alarms and emergency equipment, as well as understand where the fire exists are located and how to access them safely. Fire safety signs can help to prevent or reduce the risk of a fire from happening, and as a result can help to prevent employees and visitors from becoming seriously injured or even killed.

The signs must always be clear and ambiguous, and the escape routes and doors must be obviously labelled. The safety signs must always be illuminated and direction arrows included on escape route signs to indicate the quickest route to safety in the case of a fire.


Fire safety officers have a right to enter businesses and premises, and demand for certain fire documents. The details of the fire safety audits procedures should also be provided on request. A fire safety officer reserves the right to give a premises restriction orders if it does not comply with legislations. In some extreme cases, officers can also close down the use of the premises if it’s deemed to pose a risk to life.

Depending on the seriousness of the case, the guilty party may be fined or imprisoned for a period of up to two years, and in some cases, both can apply. It should be understood that the aim of the fire and safety regulations is to encourage people to take a risk assessment approach to be able to achieve the highest level of fire safety.
The failure to have an alarm system can also cause a penalty. In addition to this, businesses can also receive a hefty fine for having inadequate measures in place. The fines are in place because the lives of people in these types of premises will be at risk.