Customer relationship management software is totally revolutionising the way that companies do business. Using technology to manage relationships with your customers might seem somewhat futuristic and even a little daunting at first, but the ideology that your customers are your most valuable asset is nothing new.

To get ahead in the increasingly competitive world of business, embracing the latest developments in technology is crucial, and therefore using CRM software can allow you to stay one step ahead. So, let us discover 3 ways that using a CRM platform can help your business to become more customer centric. 

Customer Identification and Differentiation

In order to serve or provide value to your customers, your company must be able to identify your customer. Essentially, this means using an accumulation of marketing channels, transactions, and interactions over time to profile the needs and wants of your customers. That being said, each customer has their own unique demands and requirements from a company and understanding the lifetime value of each customer is crucial. Consequently, if you sell multiple products or services, or have plans to do so in the future, then assessing the lifetime value of your customers can be hugely beneficial.

Furthermore, by considering both the initial purchasing transaction as well as the total projected revenue that a customer might bring throughout their relationship with your company, you can create a more detailed overview of the types of people that spend money on your products and services. Using CRM software can make identifying all of these interlinked data points that little bit easier and these findings can then be used to provide a tailored experience to each individual customer. By tracking what customers buy and how frequently, your business gains access to spending patterns, and this information can be used to make informed business decisions.

Revamp Workplace Culture

Thanks to CRM software like Salesforce, embracing a customer centric ideology in your workplace has never been easier. By establishing core company values centred around shining a spotlight on your customers, employees find it much easier to consider how their actions have an impact on customers and this can result in a more conscientious workforce striving towards united goals. Quite often there can be confusion about how best to operate around customers and therefore using CRM software can ensure consistency and lead to fewer issues.

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CRM platforms can dramatically streamline processes and in turn this can increase sales, improve customer service and even enhance profitability. Whereas traditionally, CRM software is considered a sales tool, it can be used to benefit other facets of the organisation, from HR, to customer service, and even supply-chain management. Above all, focusing on building customer relationships can make providing excellent customer experiences commonplace and this in turn can create a productive working atmosphere that is conducive to success.  


CRM platforms often provide amazing tools that can be used to solicit and analyse customer feedback. From programs that monitor review websites and supply up to date information on your business ranking, to social media integration tools that allow you to monitor what people are saying about your business online, accessing online conversations about your products and services is now a possibility. A surprising number of businesses fail to communicate effectively with their customers and as a result run the risk of missing out on valuable feedback from the actual people that use their products and services.

Consequently, CRM software allows companies to gather customer feedback from various communication channels. Quantitative data from surveys and qualitative feedback from interactions with customers on social media, via email, and from chat bots can all be used to deepen your understanding of your customers. This data can then be used to produce a holistic overview of your customers so that you can make improvements to your current output and create products and services that add value to the lives of your customers.

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Ultimately, if your company is committed to putting its customers first, then investing in CRM software can help you to gain valuable insights about the people who purchase your products and services. There are some fantastic CRM platforms out there so do not be afraid to do plenty of research to find the right one for the needs of your business. Are you looking for more ways to improve productivity in your workplace? Take a look at this guide to enhancing workflow productivity within your company.

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