Working as a remote team can cause difficulties when it comes to getting to know your team members. Remote companies struggle with finding ways to connect with their colleagues over a computer screen. Luckily, there are some very creative and effective team building activities to get to know your team members while working on a remote team.

Why get to know your team members if you’ll never see them? When team members have a personal connection, they tend to produce better work and even find work more enjoyable. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Host a Game Night

You no longer need a kitchen table to enjoy playing a game of cards or a classic board game. There are plenty of websites out there that offer virtual versions of your favorite games. Host a virtual game night (or lunch break) with your team members to bring some fun and laughter into their days.

Conduct House Tours

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While some team members may not feel comfortable with this activity, it can be enlightening and pretty fun for those who want to participate. You always see your team members in one room of their house or a café in their city. Maybe you get a glimpse of their office space from over their shoulder, but you’re always left wondering what their home is really like.

Ask team members to give a virtual tour of their home or just their workspace and office. It gives everyone a chance to show off what they love about their workspace and shed some light on their personal life.

Campfire Story

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We all love a good story, especially while sitting around a campfire with friends. Get the creative juices flowing with this campfire story activity. Each person will have a chance to say a sentence to continue the story from the person before. If you need help with some ideas, check out some prompts for beginner sentences.

Movie Night

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Who doesn’t enjoy curling up with a warm blanket and watching a movie? Gather your team members for a virtual movie night. Check out the latest hit movie or a classic that everyone loves watching again and again. Stream the movie and open a group chat to keep the conversation going for those members who love to talk during a movie.

Afterwards, hold a reflection conversation afterwards where team members can share their thoughts, theories, and critiques of the movie.

In-Person Retreats

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The best way to get to know your team members is meeting them in person. For those companies who can meet in person should definitely take advantage of it. Each year, host an in-person retreat for your team members.

The options are endless! Book a cabin in the woods for a weekend, rent a private jet to Vegas, or go on a camping retreat to really connect with your team members.

Remember, the better you know your team, the better work you will produce. Team building activities is an important investment to make while working for a remote company. It’ll pay off handsomely for both your team members and the company.