Let’s be honest, you’re going to sign up to an online casino for one for two main reasons. Either you can’t get to a real casino, but still want all the excitement of playing a few games or you just think you can win money. It really is that simple and that down the line. Why else would you join an online casino? You only play at a casino to win money, so let’s get straight to the point. When you do sign up at an online casino, who is going to give you the most bang for your buck?


Before you even sign up, here are two really good offers to know about. Both LeoVegas and Prime Slots will give you completely free spins. Who doesn’t love getting something completely free? For no money at all you can have 20 free spins at LeoVegas and for an equally amazing nothing, you can get yourself 110 free spins at Prime Slots. Now we say free, but you will have to invest some time and effort in signing up and we know that you do not want to be signing up to a hundred different online casinos, just to shop around for the freebies. But for no deposit, you can be playing for real money with some hope of taking that money and running away whilst you are up.

When you are shopping around for a casino, you will want to choose one which offers you free plays and gives you free money when you first sign up. This is a pretty common offer and because it is so common, the casinos are in constant competition with each other. This competition means that the offers can and will change daily if not hourly. If you want to see the latest offerings, you can always find more details here.

The size of your initial deposit will have a huge impact on the amount of free money the casino will be willing to send your way. If you are depositing $100 or less, then most of the casinos will match your deposit. This is pretty standard and you should expect this as a minimum. Casino Room will give you 500% of your initial deposit up to $100, so this might be the deciding factor in your reasoning for choosing any of the casinos. It could literally mean an extra $500 in your funds without having to do anything at all.
If you are looking to deposit over $100, then is could be worth looking at 21 Nova for their sign-up bonus. On their site you can deposit up to $320 and claim 320% of your deposit. When it comes to free money, this does seem like a no-brainer option.

Nearly all of the big online casinos will offer you a deposit incentive. 100% is pretty standard, but you must read the rules around pulling this money out. Again, these can change at any time and without not notice, so before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you have seen how many times you need to play your bonus. It is pretty standard to make you use it 30 or even 50 times at odds over 2:1 before you can withdraw your initial deposit. This can be a few hours for some major players, or for the casual player, it could take a few weeks.

Some players may be put off by the playing rules around the free bonus when you sign-up. That’s alright, as it is not for everyone. The requirement to play at set odds for a fixed number of plays, could be confusing or even just more than we wanted to play. That means that these players will be looking for free spins or free goes in the casinos. Whilst only LeoVegas and Prime Slots offer free spins before a deposit, five of the big online casinos offer players free spins if they deposit into their accounts.

These free spins come with a lot less requirements to play and then cash out the winnings, which makes it far more interesting to the casual player. Some people might just sign up and deposit the minimum required, purely to play the free spins and enjoy their time with very little financial commitment.

William Hill, bgo, Vera&John, betsafe and LeoVegas all offer free spins after you have deposited. You will have noticed that LeoVegas are back in this list, which means that you could have free spins before you sign up and free spins after you have made your first deposit.

Of these five casinos, there are varying levels of free spins you can get, betsafe and Vera&John offer you only 10 free spins, which if we are honest, will disappear within seconds of playing on the sites.

LeoVegas will give you 25 free spins after your first deposit, which when grouped with the no deposit 20 free spins, is actually a sizable chunk of free game play, just for signing up for a casino.

William Hill and bgo have pushed the boat out and both offer new players 50 free spins. This is a generous amount of free play time, as it could realistically take a player fifteen minutes to blast through the spins, if not longer. So to play and to stand the chance of winning some big numbers for absolutely free, you have to accept the 50 and know that it is a very good deal.

Choosing between free spins and a deposit bonus is purely down to how you want to play in the casino. It might be that the free spins are wasted on you as you don’t want to be gambling on the slot machines. Then again you might think about taking a mixture of the best of both and choosing a site which will give you both free spins and a deposit matching offer.

Either way, if a casino is going to offer you money and free play for nothing, we think you are already onto a winner.