This is perhaps one of the biggest questions around at the moment, as people realise that online poker has become one of the most attractive ways to find money online. If you play well, you can make a living out of online poker. This is the idea anyway. The best online casino in my eyes can provide you with plenty of ways to win, and you could win huge.

But how close is that idea to reality? We thought we’d take a look at the question and see whether or not playing online poker can actually make you any real money…

Like most things in betting and gambling, if you are responsible, you should find that you are okay financially. The only reason why people lose large amounts in online poker is that they play recklessly, not realising that they could lose a lot of money, even though the entire experience is happening online. There is a kind of disconnect, as people think that their money is somehow safer online. In fact, you could lose a lot more money online than you would in a real casino, simply because in a real casino you can see the real money in front of you and in your hands. Online, it is just numbers. So our first point in answer to the question in the title is to focus on ensuring that you are as cautious as you can be while also ensuring that you have as much fun as you possibly can.

Grinders and big players

One of the most important distinctions to make here is that between ‘grinders’ and big players like Jason Mercier. The big players are often found in huge tournaments, making huge amounts of money, while the grinders are usually found in smaller tournaments, grinding away. Grinding is not necessarily a bad thing though, and is the same as basically making a living. You play cautiously, sensibly, and get your wins while you can. Because you’re playing sensibly, you aren’t focused on huge amounts, so when you lose you don’t lose big. You also don’t win big, but you still win. With a brain focused on making money slowly, you will make that money. It just isn’t as attractive as winning big.

The question in the title is answerable in the affirmative, but the best players are generally winning small to medium amounts slowly, over time. They are doing their best to win reasonable amounts while reducing their exposure to risk. This means that they effectively draw a salary from the game by playing sensibly. In that sense, the answer is yes.

If you are thinking of taking on the online casino world, just remember to be as careful as you can, and focus on winning when you are certain the odds are not massively against you. This way, you will certainly win, but it will take time to amass large amounts. Your aim is to win money consistently, and build up your money over time. This way you can make serious money like Anthony Zinno, and you avoid the big losses that ruin everything. You can really enjoy online casinos, as long as you play sensibly