When people start trading in Forex, one of the many things they heard is a bearish and bullish market. Knowing the type of market is important and it can also save you from losing your money by placing the wrong trades. Many elope have traded on this industry and they do not know when the industry can become bearish. There are some ways that can be used to predict the future trends and can tell you if your trading market is going to be bearish. This article will tell you some of the ways that are patterns of a bearish market.

What is a bearish market?

You need to know first what a bearish market is. This market is not linked with a bear or there are not any kinds of bears. It is the market that is declining with time and the prices are falling. If you are trading in a bearish market, you will only see currency pair prices are declining over time. It can last for many months and also up to years.

What can market become bearish?

There are many common and popularly known patterns by traders that can predict if the market is going to be bearish. If you do not know these patterns, you can find out by reading this article. It will tell you about the trends that a bearish market has in this industry.

Why are we telling only about the bearish market?

In the Forex market, you can make a profit by selling and buying. But why we are only telling about the bearish market? This is because you need to understand this segment very clearly to find the best trade. Those who are relatively new to the investment industry, can’t even find the trend reversal sing in their trading platform. But if you know all the details about a bearish market, you can easily know understand when a market might become bullish. The new traders might confuse but let us make it crystal clear. You have to identify the bottom of a trend to maximize your profit. And if you can identify the bottom, you will know when the price of a certain asset will go up. For this very reason, you need to know when a market will turn bears.

Some of you might use the technical data but this will never give you the overall overview of the market dynamics. Use the fundamental data to assess the strength of the market trend. Based on this two factors try to understand the sentiment of the market prior to the execution of any trade. Think smart when you trade the major trading zone in Forex market.

Major currency pairs’ prices drop

If the prices of the major pairs are dropping, it can indicate that the market is bearish. It can happen anytime and you should analyze the market to know if the price has dropped in the last week or months.


Recession can also cause bearish market. It happens when the economy stops developing and the people lose their purchasing power because they get unemployed. In a recession, the economy also gets weaker.

Economy getting weaker

The bearish market is linked with the economy getting weaker. If the economy gets weak and the currency is not valued as it was before, the price of the pair will fall and it will make the market bearish. This is the reason people like to trade with major currency pairs. They know these currencies have a strong economy and it will not fall easily. The dollar is one of the most traded currency in this industry because the United States has the strongest economy in the world.

Investors losing their confidence

If the investors lose their confidence, they will withdraw their money and it will make the market bearish. Whenever people lose confidence, the market prices fall and the market becomes bearish.