This is a dilemma that faces many people: you want to carry out a DIY job for which you don’t have the correct tools. Perhaps you want to lay a drive or patio – or build a base for a shed or summerhouse – and you don’t have a machine to mix the cement? The simple answer is to rent a cement mixer, which is what most people will do in the circumstances. However, is it always the best option to rent tools you don’t have, or would you be better off buying them for your own use?This depends upon whether or not you will use such machinery again; for example, is your requirement for a cement mixer a one-off, or will you likely be needing one again in the future? If you are, would you be best buying one, and keeping it in the garage for as and when it might be needed? Given that you can buy a domestic-use cement mixer, and a perfectly good one, for just a few hundred pounds, it becomes easy to see why this might be a sensible decision when compared to the rental charges involved.

Often-Used Tools

Of course, a cement mixer is an extreme case – or may not be if you are going to use one regularly – so what about tools that you don’t have, but might need? Think about painting; you may want to paint your house – or perhaps some outdoor buildings – and are considering renting a paint sprayer. Using one of these makes a lot of sense as it cuts down greatly on the time involved, provides a superb finish, and is surprisingly easy to use with little waste and fast cleaning times, but are you sure it’s just for a one-off job?

Have a look at some of the best paint sprayers on the market and you will see that they are not expensive. You can buy a good model, from a regarded maker, with indoor and outdoor capability for not very much money at all, and we guarantee that you will use it again and again, as those painting jobs you have been putting off will suddenly become a lot less daunting! These really are very good machines to have waiting for use in your shed or garage, and buying your own is certainly more cost-effective than hiring every time you need one.

Economies of Scale

It all comes down to whether it is worth your while to buy the tools required; if you are certain to use them again – or if your job is a long one where rental costs may exceed the price of the tool – then the answer is definitely to buy! Have a look at paint sprayers, as well as nail guns, power drills and many more, as you may find that they become much-used essential items around the home, rather than one-off devices that might have been better off rented to save you money.