Did you know that the USB port in your computer can be used for more than uploading pictures from your phone? Well, it can, and we’re going to tell you how it can be utilised both for fun, and for practical purposes. First, check the side of your laptop: you probably have a few USB ports, and there are various gadgets that have been designed to run from these, using them as the power source. It’s important to remember that a USB port only gives around 5-volts, so it’s not going to power your kitchen appliances!

However, there are some great USB gadgets that have come onto the market of late, and many are useful as well as fun. Have you heard of USB endoscopes? Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the medical implement here, but a more fun item, and one that has clear practical uses. If you don’t know what an endoscope is, here’s a brief explanation: an endoscope is basically a very small camera attached to a thin cable, designed for getting into awkward spaces. The USB version returns high-quality images to your computer screen, so you can see what is going on where you can’t physically reach. Are you interested? We’re sure you are, so let’s have a look at the potential uses of a USB endoscope.

Using a USB Endoscope

So, what can you do with a USB endoscope? Let’s begin with a very popular usage – that of the home mechanic. If you like tinkering around with old cars or motorbikes, one of these can be extremely useful to you. You can use it, for example, to examine the inside of a cylinder block, as it is flexible enough to get in and around. Most come with LED lights on the camera head, so you get full illumination too. The image returned to your screen will be clear and high-quality, so you will be able to see exactly what you are looking at.

They are also used commercially by plumbers who may be searching for hard to find leaks, and by anyone who needs to see what is going on in an inaccessible space. Are they expensive? In fact, USB endoscopes are surprisingly affordable, as proven by an excellent review at bestreviewer.co.uk, a great site offering in-depth and informative reviews of these – and many other – items that will give you all the information you need.

Your USB endoscope will get plenty of use, and you’ll find it comes into play when you have problems around the home. What to look for when choosing one? It should have a cable of at least 5-meters for versatility, it should have a camera head of no more than 8.5mm – the standard – with lights, and it should be an easy to use, plug in and play model. Fortunately, there is plenty of choice, so why not check out the website now for all the information you could need, and to get yourself a handy USB endoscope!