Technology has helped us get to where we are right now. Without it, the world we live in would be quite unimaginable. The main goal of technological advancements is to aid us in everything that we do. In our generation, websites and applications run most of the things we see on the Internet. This is why having helpful applications to help us manage our businesses is key. Here are some of them.


This is an application that will tailor-fit your time management needs. The app automatically sees the total time spent on different applications and websites. In addition to that, it also sends out data, activities, and detailed reports – this is to give business owners a clear picture of how their days were spent.


Just like RescueTime, OmniFocus’ goal is to give users a rough idea of what or when something is due – it gives out specifics so no need to worry about timestamps. The good thing about this application is that you can have it synced across all of your devices.  


If you are aiming to provide colour and collaboration to your business partners and want to have better communication with your employees, Asana is the app for you. It is a mobile application that allows people to see different tasks and projects. Moreover, it’s a resource that can be used to track progress. There is a multitude of things you can do in the Asana app – you can upload files, communicate with your peers, share notes, and much more. This is also web-based so it’s flexible.


Have a note or memo that is on your laptop or PC and you want to have access to it through your mobile device? Evernote is the key to that. This application exists to help users synchronise notes across all types of devices without having to send them through email, like to do lists, reminders, memos, projects, and all notes you can think of.


If you need to meet up with your business partners and employees but don’t have time to do so, the Fuze app is what you need. It is a video conferencing app that hosts online meetings, conferences for all devices and operating systems. No operating system requirements, no specific device type – you can have a meeting anywhere, at any given time.

This list contains just a few of the helpful applications you can use. These can be used for a lot of things that could help you grow your business. A lot of people run to technology for marketing and advertising purposes but traditional advertising like flyers, brochures, and banner printing are also great ways of marketing and advertising. Nevertheless, a good combination of both could secure a good and healthy business for you.