Good office interior design can be a lot more than pretty paint and designer furniture. In addition to improving the look of a space, a good design plan has the power to change lives. Take a look at the top six benefits of thoughtful office design:

It Motivates Employees

Research indicates that pretty things are viewed as more functional and more meaningful than less beautiful ones. As a result, people seek them out. But beauty not only attracts, it inspires; it stimulates the beholder, encouraging them to work harder and work longer in its presence.

It Improves Mood and Well-Being

Pretty spaces also make people happy. The colors, lighting, furnishings and even the smell(s) within a room all combine to affect mood and level of comfort. Think about a sterile, grey waiting room with hard, metal benches and then consider a warmly lit, cheery yellow one with plush sofas and potted plants. Which would you prefer? A good design leaves people less anxious and more content; it can even boost immunity and improve health when design accents like natural light, soothing color schemes, updated ventilation and sound constructions and ergonomic furnishings are utilized.

It Encourages Productivity

A good design is functional, creating clear workflows, reducing clutter and providing the right resources in the right areas so that there is little wasted activity and more calculated accommodation for the tasks at hand. Even something as simple as getting to a printer can waste time (and therefore money) if that printer isn’t placed in an optimal spot. Thus, regardless of the type of work — whether you review EB5 visa qualifications or perform root canals — a good office design makes it easy for everyone to do their jobs with the least amount of distraction in the least amount of time.

It Strengthens Branding 

A business’s brand is just as important as its product(s). And a good office design can strengthen brand messaging by clearly representing a company’s priorities. For instance, a small printing company could showcase its commitment to sustainability by creating an organic space with recycled or reclaimed furniture. By choosing to incorporate “greener” design options, the company is putting its money where its mouth is, proving its commitment to responsible manufacturing processes — just as it advertises! In this way, the layout and decor of a space are able to highlight the things a company values, providing a way for employees and clients to relate to its vision (or not).

It Attracts Employees and Clients

Indeed, a carefully branded office design will serve to attract employees and retain customers. By providing a clean, comfortable space in which to work and meet, a company effectually plays the part of gracious host, reflecting its appreciation for the people it hires, as well as the people it serves, and encouraging everyone to come in and stay for a while.

It Reduces Costs

Finally, a good office design ultimately saves money. Not only can it reduce utility costs by maximizing light and energy sources, it can also incorporate technologies not supported in outdated spaces, making it easier and less expensive for companies to perform their daily tasks (such as conducting virtual meetings, creating in-house videos and providing meals).