Your phone is the best extension for yourself. That digital assistant that has everything you need in it. There can be no doubt that Android is a smart operating system and has many potentials. However, similarly, it can’t be denied that the risks that surround the android system can harm it too. In fact, if your android gets a certain kind of virus in it, it can be used against you by whoever is in control of the device. You don’t want your personal data and not to mention all your files and databases and apps to be in control of someone else remotely hacking your device. Here’s a list of things you can try to keep your Android safe.


One of the things you should make sure of when surfing the web is that you don’t become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You don’t want specific sites to know your location, much less allow something to download. You can select to hide your IP address and surf the web but why not try Orbot, the Tor Browser for android? Promising the same anonymity as the desktop version of the application, Orbot is a very safe way for an android device to go online without the risk of getting hacked or traced.

Find Your Phone:

You may have already heard about the Find Your Phone apps but here’s something that you should know. Whenever you lose your device, the number one regret on everyone’s mind is that they didn’t leave their location and data network on to track the location of the lost device. Some people even lose their phones when they’re on silent. This causes a major problem, but with Find Your Phone application, you can expect your device to respond when you try to locate it from a remote device. Even if it has most of its settings off, remote servers of the application can turn the settings on to track the location of the device and make it ring. Other applications for monitoring and tracking mobiles like the mSpy UK are available in the market too.


How many times have we forgotten important passwords? Who can blame you when there are countless platforms all around us, and literally every application requires a sign-in? You can’t be expected to recall all the different passwords you have selected for different platforms and apps. Therefore, to help you remember all your passwords across all sign-in prompts, LastPass is the app to install. The app not only generates a perfectly safe password for you to apply but also saves that password, so you don’t have to remember it.


Tech has become the field of the century, and the developments being made are exciting, to say the least. You can find countless applications that can achieve an infinite number of tasks in a matter of minutes. All you need to have is the understanding of the problem that you’re trying to solve, and if you can pinpoint exactly what task you want the device to perform, you can find the perfect application for it.