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5 websites to create a passive income

A passive income can be created from a number of avenues and one of them is running a website business. They often run in tandem with or as an add-on to blogs and are a platform to create money through a number of stream types.

Here are 5 website ideas to create a passive income.

Membership site

For those who already blog, this is the natural step up when looking to increase passive income opportunities. Members who join will have access to exclusive, ‘secret’ or premium content which isn’t in the public domain and will appeal to those who you’ve built a reputation of trust and loyalty with.

A membership site doesn’t have to charge a huge sum each month and even with small numbers can quickly show a profit. A fee of £10 a month and 10 members in the first month is £100. If another 10 join in the second month that is £100 plus the £100 in recurring fees; a total of £200 in the second month. Obviously membership numbers will go up and down as people join or leave but if you’re writing blog entries already then offering some as exclusive content is a good way to create a passive income.

Selling courses

There are two routes to take when selling training courses through a website. You can either create a course which is delivered online and activates upon payment or you can advertise CD or DVD courses. These are also known as information products and cover a wide spectrum of education and learning.

Launch a passive income teaching site

Once you’ve taught yourself how to utilise and optimise passive income streams, launching a site which tells others how to replicate your success will also earn you extra money. Create a lifetime access for a one-off fee and include content, lectures and information. The site could concentrate solely on the basics of passive income or could specialise in specific income streams such as how to sell information products.

Offer a consultancy service

As a blogger you already have a passion for a particular subject and in turn an expertise you can offer. Turn this into a consultancy site such as social media expert or PR advisor and promote yourself to your chosen audience.

Whilst this isn’t initially passive, after the initial preparation (online media planning packs or ‘how to’ off the peg strategies) of content, it will be just a case of offering the desired consultancy to clients upon request.


  1. Sell something you’ve made

This will appeal to those who have a hobby they can use to create an income from. Whilst there’s a little work, it will be enjoyable as it’s an existing interest. Once created, the items (whether real or virtual) can simply sit on sale until purchased.

This is a particularly lucrative passive income idea for IT experts such as developers and coders. Those who can create software programmes can simply replicate the programme and sell to each new customer without any additional work required.