As fun as the holiday season can be, it can also be quite stressful. And that goes double for people working to stretch a tight budget into the new year. Indeed, managing to spend within your means in November and December is a tricky task; it’s understandable why so many people splurge and end up making questionable purchase decisions this time of year. Fortunately, you can learn how to buck this trend by following these five savvy, savings tips. Check them out here:  

Embrace the DIY Spirit

For better or worse, the holiday season has become synonymous with rampant consumerism. While you may not be able to avoid buying gifts for certain people in your life, making gifts yourself can be a great way to give loved ones a meaningful present without breaking the bank. Home-made sweaters, blankets, and paintings are some fantastic gifts that will cost you significantly less money than store-bought counterparts. In addition, cooking meals at home –– as opposed to relying on carry-out or catering services –– will free up some extra funds as well.

Set a Budget Early

The holidays can be an overwhelming time. After all, many people have shopping lists that are over a dozen-names deep. Given that fact, it’s important to create a budget early on in the season. This way, you can buy your gifts before the rush and avoid spending too much on a last-minute gift.

Take Advantage of Deals

Naturally, lots of retailers offer sales during the holiday season. And it makes sense to take advantage of special promotions –– like those going on during Black Friday. Nevertheless, it’s important to only purchase on-sale items that you were going to buy in the first place. Don’t buy something just because it represents a good deal!

Plan Ahead

Speaking of good deals, streetwise consumers can unearth some real gems during the holiday season by planning purchases well ahead of time. For instance, you can save huge amounts of cash by scheduling events like weddings or vacations in December. Also, homeowners may want to schedule regular maintenance checks around this time. Arranging a chimney inspection from a respected company like Brickworks Property Restoration, for example, can help you address issues in your home before they become too costly.

Just Say No

It can be so easy to get swept up in the fervor around the holidays. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. Prepare yourself to say no to certain purchases and pay close attention to your financial situation. Maintaining a budget during the holidays requires lots of discipline, but it’s worth it in the long run.