The most successful businesses understand their audience well. Effective marketers build out buyer personas and spend a good deal of their time learning about their consumers’ preferences, concerns, and challenges. However, even if a company knows exactly who they want to target with advertising/marketing material, they may still struggle to engage that audience successfully. To that end, today we’re going to share four tips that professionals can use to tailor their company’s message to specific, niche audiences:

Find Your Voice

Whether professionals realize it or not, every piece of marketing content has a certain tone, voice, and style. Ideally, that voice should reflect the company’s values and culture; however, a business’s marketing voice must also resonate with its consumer base. If your consumer base is predominantly casual, writing in an overly formal or stuffy manner will be sure to put potential customers off –– subconsciously or otherwise. 

Cross Pollinate

Some brands and businesses are connected with each other through mutual consumer interest. For instance, it can be reasonably deduced that a company that sells basketballs will likely pull from the same consumer base as a company that sells basketball shoes. Partnering up with a trusted name in your field can prove beneficial for both businesses. Just make sure to avoid working with a direct competitor, obviously. 


Some companies may feel the temptation to homogenize their product or service so that it appeals to the “widest audience possible.” And while there are many benefits to increasing your potential consumer base, this tactic doesn’t always yield positive results. Instead, it may prove wiser to move in the other direction and tailor your product to a very specific group of people. This way, you can truly zero in on their preferences and build a loyal following that generates qualified leads

Go Where Your Audience Goes

It may sound painfully obvious, but a key to advertising and marketing success is to promote your brand in the right places. But just where the “right place” is can mean a myriad of different things. Some businesses choose to focus on industry-specific social media platforms. Others use more traditional marketing means, like purchasing space on billboard barricades at large events. (For more information about customization options with billboard barricades, you can contact a company like OTW Safety.)

The Bottom Line

Niche audiences can provide small businesses with an opportunity to grow and evolve. Because specific audiences are easier to track and engage, it’s advantageous for small companies to court these loyal consumers. Thankfully, the four tips listed above will help you do just that.