The right email marketing campaign can increase customer engagement, generate a ton of meaningful web traffic, and inspire leads to make purchases. However, more often than not, marketing emails fall well short of this high benchmark. It’s easy to go astray when crafting a marketing email. And the reality is that no email campaign can ever be one-hundred percent effective; what resonates with one customer won’t with another. Still, today we’re going to look at the top four reasons why customers ignore marketing emails and explain what you can do to change that: 

It’s Not Addressed to Them

Have you ever received a message addressed to “valued customer,” “current resident,” or simply “you.” If so, then you know just how easy it is to discard these impersonal correspondences. As such, it’s important for marketers to ensure that their email messages are addressed correctly. Nothing will turn a customer off more than forgetting, misspelling, or omitting their name. 

It’s Too Long

For better or worse, our collective attention span is shrinking. People don’t want to take the time to read large blocks of technical writing –– even if the information held within is advantageous to them! In general, shortening your professional emails to a few lines is a good practice. Plus, if you have more to say, you can always include a link to your site to direct interested customers to more information. 

It’s Sent Too Often

Even if a customer enjoys your brand, they can still become fatigued by too many emails. While it may be tempting to send as many emails as possible, a glut of emails can desensitize qualified leads and force them to hit your emails with the “spam” tag. Once that happens, it’s virtually impossible to win a disaffected customer back. 

It Doesn’t Present Value

Value is a relative term, but the fact remains that all marketing emails must present recipients with some form of incentive to explore further. Some marketers choose to offer coupons or gift receipts within emails; others include special content offers for email subscribers. Regardless of what sort of value you present in marketing emails, it’s key that your base appreciates the offer and sees your email as useful, helpful, informative, or delightful. 

The Bottom Line

The best way to ensure that marketing emails resonate with customers is to understand those customers well. Thankfully, agencies like Helixa can help businesses gain meaningful insights into consumer behavior and preference. Once your team knows what your customers want, writing emails that provide value is much easier!